Monday, December 31, 2012

Character Mondays: Ieoie

. . . Christmas time has been so busy that I'm behind. Either way, I'm taking a break from working on Breaking Free, and instead I'm working on this fun new character! :)

*Drops Ieoie*

Me: Okay. Who are you?

Ieoie: *Grins* I'm Ieoie, son of the Elvish Thief Lord, and grandson to the greatest thief ever!

Me: Um, okay. Who are in your family? 

Ieoie: Well, I have my mom and dad, one older sister, and three younger sisters. 

Me: Why do you call your grandfather the greatest thief ever?

Ieoie: He stole an obsidian door off of a mermaids palace front gate. While the guards where standing there! :D

Me: Wow. How did he do that?

Ieoie: Well, he never told anyone how he did it. He just did it.

Me: Okay, where do you live?

Ieoie: <.< You haven't named the city yet, but it's a merchant city on the edge of a desert next to a very big harbor that goes out to the sea. 

Me: What are you?

Ieoie: Why are you asking questions you already know the answer to? I'm a fire elf!

Me: Because I'm trying to get to know you better. :) As a fire elf, what can you do?

Ieoie: I can shoot sparks out of my hands! :D You should see my older sister though, she can create rainbow colored flames. But mine comes in handy more often. . .

Me: U huh. Okay then, one last question. What are you scared of?

Ieoie: Me? Truly?

Me: Yes.. Truly.

Ieoie: *sigh* I'm scared of darkness. Of being enveloped in it and not be able to create light with my sparks. Everything being a black void that eats all of that beautiful light.

Me: O.O Okay. See you next week!

Monday, December 17, 2012

My First Drabble! The winged girl

Drabble = What you write using a writing prompt in as few words as possible.

This is my first Drabble. My prompt was wings and my goal was 100 words. It's 155. . . But I couldn't do any less without taking something away. Here it is:

The girl looked down into the alley and winced. The sound of a dog yelping in pain could be heard, and the sound of boys laughing. Anger distorted her face, and she stood up on the roof and opened her wings. She relished the look of horror on the boys' faces when the looked up to see her; a black winged red-headed angel dressed in a gray over-sized hoodie and dark brown jeans. They scattered as she glided down to where the mongrel lay near a dumpster. He looked up at her, fear showing in his eyes as he growled at her. She sighed; she knew of his pain, for she had been tormented before too. She took off her hoodie, showing a black sequined sleeveless shirt that was hidden underneath, and picked up the dog with it. Her dad was going to kill her for bringing home a dirty mutt, but she didn't care.  

(Update 1/1/13: I found this picture on Pinterest that looks like the girl I imagined. I love Pinterest!)

Character Mondays: Derek

AAAHH! I'm a little behind today, so I'll do just a few questions!

Me: What is your favorite color?

Derek: Silver

Me: What is your favorite season?

Derek: Autumn

Me: What is your favorite animal?

Derek: I don't like animals. . .

Me: Well that doesn't surprise me.

Derek: But I do like tarantulas.

Me: Okay. . . Good night!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Character Mondays!

To keep me going on my blog (of which I am  very new at. -_-) I am now creating Character Mondays! Every Monday I will post via a character. They can talk with other characters, they can talk with me, they can even answer questions if anyone reading this asks any. Let the adventures begin.

This week is Jesi! I'll start by asking her five basic questions about herself.

Jesi: Hi.

Me: Well, introduce yourself.

Jesi: You just did. I said hi.

Me: Okay. . . So, what's your favorite color?

Jesi: Blue. Do I have to do this?

Me: Yes. What is your favorite animal?

Jesi: Scottish Terriers. Why do I have to do this?

Me: Because I have to learn more about you. What is your favorite food?

Jesi: Baked Potatoe Buffet. You thought me up, why do you have to learn more about me?

Me: Because I can't write a good story with a puppet, now please no more questions! What is your favorite season?

Jesi: Spring, because it's fresh and gooey and wet.

Me: . . . What is your favorite gem stone?

Jesi: Tigers eye, because I like them. Are we done?

Me:. . . Yes.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

It has happened.

I have officially switched what novel I am going to work on. Starting tomorrow, I will begin working on a different book other than Avia's Fate. I might switch back to working on Avia's story later, when I find more inspiration or when I can find out how to make it more exciting. The first book in my fascinating new series, is being called for now Breaking Free. For now, here is the synopsis that I have started with!

Jesse Forbes thought she lived a normal life. Everything seemed to be fine, until the night the government of the (US?) comes to call. With her parents murdered, Jesse finds out that she’s a shifter, that the government has been secretly collecting shifters for their army, and that the collecting of shifters has become a worldwide race to find the best, the fastest, and the most unique shifters. But Jesse is an exception even with the shifters; she doesn’t have just one form like most people, she has many. Will Jesse ever be free of the tyranny of the government’s soldier system? Is there anywhere safe for her to escape to? Will Jesse ever find the stability she needs to become the leader everyone expects her to be?  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Surprise surprise, another story idea.

Yes, when I started the One Year Adventure Novel program, I promised myself I would work on only ONE story. Only one. What has my brain done but create a new story world and idea when I was bored out of my wits. <.< Here is a run down on what the world is basically like.

The story happens between two different planets. The first is basically a futuristic-different-reality Earth, and the second is a planet that is constantly on the exact orbit as Earth except for every few years when half of the planet turns desert, and the other half arctic cold. In this different reality, there is an extremely recessive gene that humans have that gives them a second 'form', but unbeknownst to the scientists of the time, there is an even rarer gene that allows that person to have multiple 'forms'. These forms are all animal forms. Each form depends on one or more characteristic of that person.

Here is a few examples of how this works. One of the characters is Yvette; she was born on earth blind. Her parents agree to try to fix it via eye surgery, and she can now see light and dark. Because she was blind born blind, her form is a bat. But a side effect of the surgery that allows her to see light and dark is that her hair is permanently white. So her form is now a white bat. Another character, Alondra has a problem with talking, and so everyone at first sort of ignored her when she was little. But she loved dancing and graceful movement, her form is a swan.

I have started a Pinterest board for this series (There is no way I can make this into one book without leaving out some character's story. . .).

As an end note, I am thinking of calling it the Black Wing Series because one of the constant main characters is nick named for her favorite form as a raven.

Sole Deo Gloria,


Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Awesomeness of Pinterest

Yes, I am on Pinterest. Yes, I use Pinterest for my stories. So far, I only have one story brainstorming board up, but I have found it to be worth more than I can explain. I have been able to somewhat organize the websites that I am using as resources, and it is a safer way to find pictures for characters. I highly recommend using it. . . Yeah, this wasn't supposed to be an advertisement, but it turns out it is. :P


(Yes, I'll give you my page! )

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Avia's Fate: The beginning beginning.

Seeing that I haven't posted in a month, I decided to tell about my first novel that I hope to completely finish.

Avia's Fate is still in the designing process, and is very vague as of this moment. I am using  the One Year Adventure novel" format, of which I hope to create my first full length and complete novel. So far, I am in week 3 of the program, somewhere around lesson 6 or 7. I have my main character who I have for now dubbed Avia (It might change. . . and it might not. :-/), and I have an extremely basic Synopsis that I will put up after I smooth it out some more.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My completely odd and funny dreams pt. 2

So, my first dream I told you about was haunted with laundry baskets. Well, this one was definitely different, though I still can remember it rather clearly.

I had a dream this last week (I had typed this down early summer, and didn't put down the date) about a very strange house. It so happened that this man, whenever he opened a door without this “queen” (I imagined her as a queen in my dream, but she also seemed evil, so I should probably change that to evil queen) lady’s permission, it always led to a wall of some sort; never to another room or outside. But the windows always led to the outside, no matter where you where in the house.

In this dream, the man was captured to become the “queen’s” lover/fiance, but he did NOT want to be. He escaped, through the roof (I’m not sure how, but that is how it happened in my dream. Weird, huh.) At the time that he escaped, the “queen” had captured a young woman to be her lady-in-waiting. I woke up just as the young woman was led inside the strange house. 

This really could make a interesting story if used properly. . . At least better than the laundry hamper vampires! J I think that this dream might have been influenced by my Mom's school curriculum coming. . . There was a book of little known fairy tales in one of her boxes. Then again I love fairy tales in general.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My completely odd and funny dreams pt 1

Dreams can become the oddest inspirations. The following hold the possibility for future stories, or even comics. Just don't ask me how they looked, about half an hour after I dream't them, I lose the picture but instead carry the story with me instead. (The only difference is the one with the vampire one.)

One night, sometime ago (it was in the early summer of 2012), I dreamed that I was in a great big room. The room was huge; a giant rectangle that had a ratio of about 1:3, and the longest side was probably around 100 feet long. Three sides of that room were white, and the fourth side was made entirely of glass. It was the fourth wall that my entire and thorough attention was on. In the middle of that wall, was a door, and coming through that door was a strange parade that consisted of vampire clowns and laundry baskets.

Let me repeat,  I have absolutely no idea why I dream't this, but this is what I remember. Maybe people arguing over the supposed fact that clowns are supposed to be terrrifying, and my family's laundry keeps piling up (I don't even know how laundry baskets where vampires. . .). 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dreams, BIG Dreams.

Okay, the title says it all. When I dream, I dream big. I don't just dream about writing a book, directing a movie, designing costumes and clothes, and more. All of these end up being dreamed up as best selling books, sell out movies, high end fashion or big movie production costume design, I can go on for ages.

But my problem always seems to be one thing: in real life, what can I do? Of course I can write, sew, and do other things, but I always end up procrastinating. I'm probably one of the worst procrastinators that I know of. From school that I don't like, to household chores. I'm working on this curse of man kind (for procrastination is really a fancy word for saying your lazy), but it is really hard.

This curse of laziness has probably been around since after the fall, but I must admit that I'm not sure when exactly. I don't even know where it first appears in the Bible (maybe after the flood?), but if Proverbs has any say, it has been around for hundreds of centuries and it doesn't like to let go of its victim.

Sadly, I have yet to find a cure for myself, and most likely this will follow me for the rest of my life. But one thing that I can say continually, work is a blessing and I will never tire of it (the greater majority of the time).

Sole Deo Gloria,