Creating Printhia

Printhia is my fantasy world that I hope to write some stories in. I'm sharing on here the creating process and the different parts of it. I hope that by doing so, I can help other writers think of such worlds in a different way that will hopefully help them with their own stories.

Myths and Races

From man came the five sons; from each son came a general race. 
The oldest, the fire elthian; the second, the earth; the third, the human; the fourth, the water; the youngest, the air. 
From each race race sprang up other sub races. 
From fire came the drakes and the dragons. 
From earth the faes and the pixies. 
From water the myrs and the nymphs. 
From air the satyrs and the sylphs. 

Each sub race grew to use a particular talent inherited from their forefather. 

The drakes, fire and poisonous fumes; they dwelt on hot, dry land and have scaly skin. 
The dragons, fire and ashes; they dwelt in the mountains and could change their shape and size. 
The faes, plants and all that grow; they dwelt in warm places with lots of plants and have wings. 
The pixies, rocks and minerals; they dwelt in hard to reach places and are smaller in stature. 
The myrs, water and mist; they dwelt in the oceans and deltas and have fins instead of legs. 
The nymphs, water and fog; they dwelt on wet land and can breathe underwater when needed. 
The satyrs, wind and storms; they dwelt wherever they can (usually mountainous and lonely lands), but never in family groups of more than two or three. 
The sylphs, sight and emotion; the rarest of all the races, they dwelt in small clans amongst other people, never trusted anyone.

The humans are the most ancient of all races, but even so, they are the most abused. 

Fire Elthian:

Earth Elthian: 

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Water Elthian: 

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Air Elthian: 

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