Saturday, September 1, 2012

My completely odd and funny dreams pt. 2

So, my first dream I told you about was haunted with laundry baskets. Well, this one was definitely different, though I still can remember it rather clearly.

I had a dream this last week (I had typed this down early summer, and didn't put down the date) about a very strange house. It so happened that this man, whenever he opened a door without this “queen” (I imagined her as a queen in my dream, but she also seemed evil, so I should probably change that to evil queen) lady’s permission, it always led to a wall of some sort; never to another room or outside. But the windows always led to the outside, no matter where you where in the house.

In this dream, the man was captured to become the “queen’s” lover/fiance, but he did NOT want to be. He escaped, through the roof (I’m not sure how, but that is how it happened in my dream. Weird, huh.) At the time that he escaped, the “queen” had captured a young woman to be her lady-in-waiting. I woke up just as the young woman was led inside the strange house. 

This really could make a interesting story if used properly. . . At least better than the laundry hamper vampires! J I think that this dream might have been influenced by my Mom's school curriculum coming. . . There was a book of little known fairy tales in one of her boxes. Then again I love fairy tales in general.

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