Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Step of Faith: The Endless Cage

Well, time for a break from the never ending swell of homework.

The Title: The Endless Cage

This one started off from a picture of a young woman in front of a birdcage holding a bird.
It started off as fantasy and evolved. . .
Into a futuristic sci-fi/post-apocalyptic.
Go figure.
But it works beautifully!
And I'm really intrigued on how this will end up being about, because the main character has amnesia, and she's the only one we really meet for the longest time.
But there's another character, and he I barely know, and is super quiet.
Well, I guess I would have to learn more when it's written.

A desolate loneliness touched the farthest reaches of her soul / Digital Painting by Sonia Verdu:

She doesn't remember anything.
Her name.
Where she is.
How long she's been here.
What happened before.
Yet somehow, her hands know the instruments she finds from time to time.
Somehow, she knows which animals to evade and which ones to face.
And most of all, somehow she knows that she should never open her mouth, not even to scream.
Everything has been fine for a while now, but today has been different.
Today, someone with a deep voice called to her when she was hiding.
Someone, who called her Adaya.

I'm pretty sure that this would be centered around a post-apocalyptic world where there are people trying to figure out how mankind would survive mentally while alone.
This would be in first person, as that would make the most sense.
I'm still not certain about who she is. . .
It's driving me nuts. . .
I need to write this sometime.
I really do.
Thoughts? Advice? Ideas? Anything is welcome. :)

Keep on Writing!

God Bless,

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Step of Faith: The Dreaming Room

Here comes the next on my list.

Title: The Dreaming Room

This is, yet again, a Cinderella retelling.
This one, though, doesn't really have an exact genre it fits in.
There's a futuristic, almost contemporary feel to it, with some fantasy elements, mixed with a hint of thriller and a dash of romance.
This story particularly deals with captivity, and what happens to one's mind.
I guess you could say that this Cinderella is dealing with Stockholm Syndrome, and what happens to get her out of it.
It's all centered on one pivotal point, an invitation to a celebration.
This particular invitation, is presented to the main character by someone. . .
Almost, let's just say almost familiar.
Oh, and I have no idea how I'm going to fit in a fairy godmother. . .
Maybe she won't be in it?
But let's not forget the title.
That part.
Well, let's just say that if Cinderella kept falling asleep among the cinders, would the room with the fireplace not be called the room she dreams in?
Simple, really, but sweet.

more double exposure:

It's been years since she last set a foot out doors.
Well, off of the family property.
Eloise Duell never thought that was strange, or at least she would tell herself that.
But today, today is different.
Abraham Cofield, an old friend from before her father died, has suddenly turned up again.
And with him, an invitation to break free.
She doesn't know what from yet, but she can't help but wonder if it includes something to do with the room.
The dreaming room.

Well, that took some thinking out, and a lot of leaving out, but hey.
It's a work in progress.
Questions? Advice? Ideas? Anything is Welcome!

Keep on Writing!

God Bless,

Monday, September 14, 2015

A Step of Faith: Dreamer's Ball

This one technically came before the other Dreamer book in the list, but that would have been out of order and reveal some things, so. . .
Title: Dreamer's Ball

I really don't like that title.
I really need to find a better one.
But anyways, I liked playing around with the main character, Grettie, from Dreamer's Bridge so much that I didn't want to stop with one book idea.
I did two.
This one I decided to play around with the Cinderella story.
Instead of a step-family, it's extended family.
Instead of a prince, it's a leader of a smuggling ring, who inherited his position from his family.
I'm still not sure about the story world, but I'm leading towards a steam-punk style early 1900's.
Not quite bustle skirts and petticoats, but not quite historical 1900's.
Here's what I have for the synopsis.

Eva Green during the shooting of Dior: Midnight Poison Campaign, 2007:

Grettie has upset the village, and until things cool down, it no longer is good for her to stay there.
Her grandparents send her off to the city, to live with her widowed aunt and her three cousins.
Once there, they at first treat her like she was one of them, but that quickly changes.
Placed under their harsh cook, her limits are pushed.
But she still hangs on.
Until she one day she runs into a strange man in the market.
He's quiet, and soon she starts to notice him again and again, and slowly they start to interact.
Winter approaches, and the family gets ready for the week long winter festival, where each day ends in a ball.
When they mock her ability to go, she turns to the friends that she has made for help.
A group of older women in charge of a few shops collaborate together to get her dressed for the first ball, only for the cook to intervene and stop her.
The next day she the older women intervene again and literally escort her to the ball.
There, the quiet man from the market is the center of attention.
And she's now the full center of his attention.
Which she quickly discovers, is not the place where she wants to be.

Poor Grettie, she keeps meeting people with bad reputations.
I wonder if I should find her a storyline that doesn't end like that. . .
Who knows.
Questions? Advice? Ideas? Anything is welcome. :)

Keep on Writing!

God Bless

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Step of Faith: Dreamer's Bridge

The next idea is a little out of order, but that's the way it's done sometimes.

Title: Dreamer's Bridge

This one came from taking one element out of a fairy tale, and seeing where that leads me.
I decided that I didn't want to give Little Red Riding Hood a crimson garment that would be easily seen in the woods from a distance in broad daylight.
Taking that element led me down many interesting paths. . .
I also turned the idea of the wolf into two different characters; a young nobleman's son and a banker.
This introduced some interesting conflict.
Mix that in with a few dashes of super-natural, entrapment in an old monastery wine cellar, and an unlikely friendship between Red and some old ladies, and I quite like the idea.
I just need to actually sit down and write it.
Here goes.


Grettie had no idea that the stranger was going to bring so much problems.
Nor did she want the banker to appear with a two week deadline for paying off her grandparents farm.
But there is little, so it seems, that she can do.
When offered a job running errands shortly after the banker's visit, she readily accepts.
Now, with some new courage she didn't know she had, Grettie races against time to save the only family she has ever known, and be back home before the moon rises.

That's all that I have for now.
I know some of it is vague, and there isn't much to it actually written out, but there are some things that I leave to develop later, when I know a lot more about the story.
Also known as when I start writing it.
Questions? Advice? Ideas? Anything is welcome. :)

Keep on Writing!

God Bless,