Thursday, August 30, 2012

My completely odd and funny dreams pt 1

Dreams can become the oddest inspirations. The following hold the possibility for future stories, or even comics. Just don't ask me how they looked, about half an hour after I dream't them, I lose the picture but instead carry the story with me instead. (The only difference is the one with the vampire one.)

One night, sometime ago (it was in the early summer of 2012), I dreamed that I was in a great big room. The room was huge; a giant rectangle that had a ratio of about 1:3, and the longest side was probably around 100 feet long. Three sides of that room were white, and the fourth side was made entirely of glass. It was the fourth wall that my entire and thorough attention was on. In the middle of that wall, was a door, and coming through that door was a strange parade that consisted of vampire clowns and laundry baskets.

Let me repeat,  I have absolutely no idea why I dream't this, but this is what I remember. Maybe people arguing over the supposed fact that clowns are supposed to be terrrifying, and my family's laundry keeps piling up (I don't even know how laundry baskets where vampires. . .). 

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