Sunday, May 12, 2013


That's been going through my head for a VERY long time now. Sad to say, the answer has only just hit me a day or so ago. Pinterest, forums, and sometimes facebook are the culprits. I've been pulling back on my computer time, even for 'writing' on the computer, and I am becoming more productive. I'm almost done with my workbook for OYAN, I'm working on designing my version of mermaids, I'm writing 'outline scenes' for my Beauty and the Beast retelling (I'm calling it Rhoswen for now), and I'm working harder on everyday things now.

I have been literally PLODDING through my workbook. My goal was to have half my first draft done by mid June. Not happening. No where near. Now my goal is to have at least two chapters written by then. That is more reasonable, AND it is coming in sight. Praise the Lord! I am so excited!

MERMAIDS!!! The way they are modernly portrayed is not mermaidish in my head at ALL! I hope to eventually post some pictures that I've been working on sketching. I'm learning so much about how to draw a guy versus a girl! I never noticed before how guys tend to have squarer heads, and girls are more soft lines and features. . . Then again, I've never really payed attention to that sort of thing. As a hint of sorts, I'll just say that my mermaids are based off of Betta Fish (also known as Siamese Fighting Fish), and they carry some of the characteristics like coloring, strength, etc. Its been a lot of fun learning while working on them!

First I'll just explain what I mean by 'outline scene'. When I'm first working on writing a scene, I see it like a movie or picture in my head, but it's stuck there. I can't describe it. So instead of describing it in detail, I tell what they are doing in the scene, sometimes with some dialogue. THEN comes the editing. Descriptions, dialogue, the whole shebang is added during the editing. It works for me. I am in love with my Beauty and the Beast retelling. It is different than a lot of retellings I've seen (Rhoswen is 'connected' to the Beast (who still doesn't have a name) in some way (I won't tell!), Rhoswen has younger siblings as well as older, things like that). It is also similar to some retellings though (A book worm, loves horses, things like that). Those latter ones are mainly items that I could never imagine separated from the story. I'm still brainstorming on some aspects though. . . I'll see what happens.

The house is staying cleaner for longer! Surprise surprise! Well, not really, but it's true. I'm also getting more of the things I love done (like knitting, crocheting, reading). I have to go, but I home to be back soon!