Site's that I'm Finding Useful

Science in Sci-Fi, Fact in Fiction. 

A really cool collection of posts about real science and real facts for speculative writers.
I found this one particularly useful for world building. 

Go Teen Writers

This is a blog mainly written by two published authors (Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson) who are trying to help teen authors learn how to write. They have also published a book that is chock full of the stuff that they post on their blogs, only in a handier format to get into. I'm reading that right now, and am learning so much!


   Serendipity is full of random generators, specifically fantasy titles and different name generators like Japanese male and female names, as well as medieval and french. I'll probably be using that a lot as my fantasy novel uses different kinds of names for different people groups.

An Internet Resource on Constructed Languages

   That page doesn't have a noticeable name. . . It's a bit out dated (last updated in 2005. . .) but it has over 312 languages compiled. I'm going to be using it to compare structure, spelling, etc.

Ancient Scripts

   I'll be using this site for creating writing for my different people groups (they do have a history. . . They have to develop too). It has phonetics on the site, as well as places to ask questions. . .

Unit Conversion

Yeah. . . What the title says.

Random Christian Speculative Story Generator

  I can't wait until I'm all out of ideas to use this one!


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