Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Writing Wednesday Pinspiration

I'm giving this one a theme: Military :)

U.S military ranks.

Reference chart to show you what different bullets look like going in and coming out.

PTSD Symptoms.



Keep on writing!

God Bless!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Building Printhia

One Little Step at a Time

As I have hinted at before, there's a story world that I've completely lost my heart to about two years ago. 
It might even have been less than that. 
It's called Printhia. 
After some research, I've found that the name Printhia doesn't seem to have an exact meaning. 
In my mind, it means something along the lines of "The Living Place" or "The Place of Life". 

From now on, I'm hoping to prepare a post over the weekend and publish it on Monday, as something to cheer others up as well as myself. 

Today's Building Printhia: The Beginnings

What started me on this journey? 
Very simply, it didn't have a very clear start. 
I didn't even think of starting to build a world with Fire Elves, MerFolk, Dragons, or Faes until after joining OYAN. 
There, I started to talk with a girl who wrote Dark Fantasy with her own version of elves, fairies, etc. 
In a character chat, I made Ieoie and his family of thieves. 
Then I decided to make him a story, as all fun characters should have one (he is fun, sassy, protective, and a whole lot of other annoying things rolled into one).

Ieoie's story is called The Water Witch's Curse. 
I still am working on getting a premise together for him, sadly. 
Anyways, the basic problem from the title is that he was cursed basically at birth for "Death now haunts his very steps." 
I'm actually a bit scared about working on his story, as it will be darker than a lot of the ones I've actually worked on. 
Then again, a lot of the stories I've thought of lately are darker. . . 
That's an interesting thought to ponder. 
Anyways, no rabbit trails! 
It was with his story idea that I started to work on the different cultures of the Elves, because, well, he's an Elf. 
So, I'll talk a little bit about the elves, and then one exact branch/kind of them. 
You see, there are three kinds of elves; Water, Fire, and Earth Elves. 
Each, at the age of maturity (somewhere between ages twelve and fourteen) an elf's gift is shown according to what kind of elf he/she is. 
Let's start with Ieoie, as he's the first one I made. 

Fire Elves

Ieoie's a fire elf, and his gift is making sparks. 
How does that work? 
Scientifically its actually possible, as he'd be only controlling the vibration of molecules in the air and combining them with oxygen. 
I've always been into making things scientifically accurate, so I'll be adding things like that here and there. 
Another thing that I'd added when I first created them (and I'm glad I did, mind you) is a bag that each elf carries with them. 
Each bag holds the basis of each elf's talent, so in a pinch (or when that elf is very weak) it can be used. 
When all of the bag is used up, it can never be refilled. 
For a fire elf, the bag contains something from/about a fire. 
For Ieoie, his fire bag contains glowing embers that are sparking. 

Each kind of Elf has a different culture. 
The Fire Elves are based off of the Arabic Culture. 
They live mainly in desert like areas, (I really need to work on creating a map for Printhia, but I'm so scared of messing it up!) and, as in Ieoie's case, cities. 
(There are other exceptions, but I'll write about those later, when I write about another story idea for Printhia.) 
Depending on where they are and who they are around the most, their heritage morphs a little. 

Example: Ieoie's family live in the busy merchant city called Limenreel where almost every culture has touched and left a little bit of itself. 
Even so, their women are known for their elegant head coverings, and their men for their unique turbans.

Each being has its own developed religion.
The Elves worship many different kinds, most of them are meant to describe why natural phenomenons happen, kind of like the ancient gods in Egypt, Greece, Rome, and other ancient European cultures.
Their main gods and their symbols are:
Jeshsoot, god of lightning and the giver of rain. Symbol: (in need of a better one, but this is what I have) A lightning staff.
Buhrneet, goddess of love and freedom. Symbol: Blue or white Sand Dollars.
Greeve, god of death and the herder of souls. Symbol: Literally any weapon covered/draped with a black cloth.
Menwageer, god of stories and the guardian of the gate to the soul realm. Symbol: A bent weed

Ieoie and his family mention Jeshsoot from time to time, and in moments of danger exclaim to Greeve or Menwageer.

That is all that I have for now on the Fire Elves. I'll either tell you more next week, or move on to the Earth Elves.

God Bless!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Writing Wednesday Pinspiration

Words cannot express how true this is.

"What the detective story is about is not murder but the restoration of order." P. D. James

What's Your Character Hiding? - How to Pick a Juicy Secret (and Get the Most Out of It!) on @Writingeekery
Hee hee, that is a very good question!

Villainy 101: 10 things A Villain Should Avoid
Please, I broke over half of these when I was young. . . >.< :)

A writer's revenge :)
This is true. >:3

Trinity's Plotting Method - A Quill In Her Quiver
Notebooks. . . A Writer's best friend!

Well. . . I'm getting very bogged down in school, so these are getting smaller. . .

Keep on writing!

God Bless!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Writing Wednesday Pinspiration

Hee hee!
Especially to keep in mind when editing my last scenes in Shadow Wings. 

Tips on how to create characters for your novel that are believable, memorable, functional, and 3-dimensional.
Beautiful blank pages with a beautiful calligraphy pen! *sigh*

Yes. . . I want these jars. Oh yes. . .

Quotable -Ron White - Writers Write Creative Blog
Good to remember, as the harder I work at it the more discouraged I become that I'll get anything good out of the jumbles of words. . .

secondary characters
Something that I'm still learning to do.

Keep on Writing

God Bless!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Writing Wednesday Pinspiration

The King. Made by Caitlin Miller.
Oh, the plot bunnehz. . .


All the time!
Uh-huh. <.<

Lay vs. Lie.
Very good to know, I am constantly returning to this. . .

more than conquerors

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.  -C. S. Lewis   #quote #motivational
Thank the Lord for that!

Keep on Writing!



Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Random Video and. . .



Here's the Lyrics:

Once there was a boy named Bob,
Lived with his dad and mom,
In the jungle by the sea,
Then one day, Bob met me!

Bob was feeling all alone
In the jungle on his phone.
Then a Fluffnark called him up,
Said, "Hey Bob, yo what's up?"

Bob thought there was nothing that could ever make him cry
'til the fluffnark said, "I'm sorry - dude your laptop died.
I know that writing novels was the passion of your heart,
But never fear, in just one year this course gives you a start!"

Oh you are on your own.
Why do you feel alone when
There's a place so much bigger on the inside?

Your story will soar far above
In a place that's filled with love,
And Ordinary Heroes, Welcome to our World.

Bob took fluffnark's wise advice,
Watched the demo lesson twice,
Then he called up Mrs. S,
Said, "Send me OYAN! Yes, oh yes!"

Bob watched lessons on by one,
Mr. S was lots of fun.
Filled out questions in the map,
"That's right Bob, you've got the knack!"

When he started writing he got stuck on chapter 5...
On the forum, Fluffnark said, "Drop bodies from the skies!"
Bob, he kept on writing and with help from OYAN friends,
He wrote away, and then one day, he made it to the end!

And now Bob says,

Oh I was on my own,
Why did I feel alone when
There's a place so much bigger on the inside?

My story's soaring far above,
In a place that's filled with love
And Ordinary Heroes, Welcome to our World!

Now he's made the best of friends,
Wrote right through a thousand pens,
And though it may have started small,
The OYAN Workshop rules them all!

Bob flew out to KCI,
He took the shuttle then arrived.
Mrs. S knew who he was!
Gave him FREE STUFF, just because!

Bob hugged all his OYAN sibs,
Jump on stage and yelled out 'dibs!'.
Went to sessions all week long,
Where he wrote this stupid song.

Bob thought there was a little that could ever make him cry...
Until he had to hug all of his OYAN friends goodbye.
Bob, go tell a story. Let God use your words!
Shine your light, just go write, and you will change the world...

Now we say,

Oh we were on our own,
Why did we feel alone when
There's a place so much bigger on the inside?

Our stories will soar far above,
In a place that's filled with love,
And Ordinary Heroes, Welcome to our World!

Stories can change our hearts,
So light a fire with this spark -
One story at a time...
Welcome to our world!
Welcome to our world!
Welcome to our world!

I did not write this song (I don't know who did. . . ), but I love it with all my heart. <3 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Writing Wednesday Pinspiration

.It's true.
I can testify to this one. :D

Writing prompt
Do it, then tell me what it is in the comments. :D

Tee hee hee!

That's when using a fill word like 'bubbles' helps. . . :3

Well, see you later!