Shadow Wings

Genre: Science Fiction with a tad bit of Fantasy

Audience: Young Adult

Facebook Page: Shadow Wings

In six words (or less): I didn't believe, now I do.

In One Line: A futuristic historian delves into the new memory technology, uncovering a hidden wrong to the shifters that must be changed before more lives are lost.

Current Synopsis: 

(Update: I'm changing things up because the old plot wasn't working):

Sometimes, in order to save today, you must unbury the past. Abigail Dimond, an ordinary historian, never thought that she'd have to become someone else in order to save today. Well, not literally, but the next closest thing. Through the use of a secret technology only recently revealed to the public, she now must work through the memories and feelings of a woman named Kallie Forbes and work against time to stop needless hatred and evil from spreading any farther.

In a time of micro smart computers and hovercrafts, she must return to the slower pace of the past in order to save many lives, including some that she's only met in someone else's memories.


The complete first draft is done. I'm currently working on a rewrite.

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