Books I'm working on.

Beautiful Eyes

A Cyberpunk/Urban Fantasy AU retelling of Beauty and the Beast. A woman cursed against her own people and a young man forever running. My Camp NaNoWriMo project. More to come. 

Riven's Light

Three sister's must work against time to keep death in the right hands. 
Audience: YA
Genre: Fantasy
Six Words: In the works
Synopsis: In the works
Rough Draft: Outlined, major scenes written, almost ready to officially write!

Gypsy Gift

Epic Fantasy set in the made up world of Gotheg.
Audience: YA
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Six Words: In the works
Synopsis: In the works
Rough Draft: In the works

Avia's Fate

My first Novel, following the One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) format, is a historical fantasy novel set in Scotland and England in the Eleventh Century.
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Progress: I am right now working on the plot and outline. It is now on hold until later, it needs a lot of work.
Audience: YA

Pinterest: Yes, I keep track of things for my books via Pinterest boards. Here's the one for Avia's Fate!

Zoic Chronicles: Shadow Wings

First Draft: Complete!
Second Draft: In Progress. . .
Audience: YA

Okay, it is official; I have a synopsis.

The Fourth rewrite: 

Sometimes, in order to save today, you must unbury the past. Abigail Dimond, an ordinary historian, never thought that she'd have to become someone else in order to save today. Well, not literally, but the next closest thing. Through the use of a secret technology only recently revealed to the public, she now must work through the memories and feelings of a woman named Kallie Forbes and work against time to stop needless hatred and evil from spreading any farther.
In a time of micro smart computers and hovercrafts, she must return to the slower pace of the past in order to save many lives, including some that she's only met in someone else's memories.

Rhoswen's Story

It's my Beauty and the Beast fantasy story with a bit of a steam punk twist in it. I'm just brain storming so far. . . I haven't even started a Pinterest board for it yet, but I REALLY want to write it. It's an adventure/mystery/romance/fantasy. Whew!

Audience: YA or Adult, not sure yet.

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