Monday, December 10, 2012

Character Mondays!

To keep me going on my blog (of which I am  very new at. -_-) I am now creating Character Mondays! Every Monday I will post via a character. They can talk with other characters, they can talk with me, they can even answer questions if anyone reading this asks any. Let the adventures begin.

This week is Jesi! I'll start by asking her five basic questions about herself.

Jesi: Hi.

Me: Well, introduce yourself.

Jesi: You just did. I said hi.

Me: Okay. . . So, what's your favorite color?

Jesi: Blue. Do I have to do this?

Me: Yes. What is your favorite animal?

Jesi: Scottish Terriers. Why do I have to do this?

Me: Because I have to learn more about you. What is your favorite food?

Jesi: Baked Potatoe Buffet. You thought me up, why do you have to learn more about me?

Me: Because I can't write a good story with a puppet, now please no more questions! What is your favorite season?

Jesi: Spring, because it's fresh and gooey and wet.

Me: . . . What is your favorite gem stone?

Jesi: Tigers eye, because I like them. Are we done?

Me:. . . Yes.

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