Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dreams, BIG Dreams.

Okay, the title says it all. When I dream, I dream big. I don't just dream about writing a book, directing a movie, designing costumes and clothes, and more. All of these end up being dreamed up as best selling books, sell out movies, high end fashion or big movie production costume design, I can go on for ages.

But my problem always seems to be one thing: in real life, what can I do? Of course I can write, sew, and do other things, but I always end up procrastinating. I'm probably one of the worst procrastinators that I know of. From school that I don't like, to household chores. I'm working on this curse of man kind (for procrastination is really a fancy word for saying your lazy), but it is really hard.

This curse of laziness has probably been around since after the fall, but I must admit that I'm not sure when exactly. I don't even know where it first appears in the Bible (maybe after the flood?), but if Proverbs has any say, it has been around for hundreds of centuries and it doesn't like to let go of its victim.

Sadly, I have yet to find a cure for myself, and most likely this will follow me for the rest of my life. But one thing that I can say continually, work is a blessing and I will never tire of it (the greater majority of the time).

Sole Deo Gloria,


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