Monday, December 31, 2012

Character Mondays: Ieoie

. . . Christmas time has been so busy that I'm behind. Either way, I'm taking a break from working on Breaking Free, and instead I'm working on this fun new character! :)

*Drops Ieoie*

Me: Okay. Who are you?

Ieoie: *Grins* I'm Ieoie, son of the Elvish Thief Lord, and grandson to the greatest thief ever!

Me: Um, okay. Who are in your family? 

Ieoie: Well, I have my mom and dad, one older sister, and three younger sisters. 

Me: Why do you call your grandfather the greatest thief ever?

Ieoie: He stole an obsidian door off of a mermaids palace front gate. While the guards where standing there! :D

Me: Wow. How did he do that?

Ieoie: Well, he never told anyone how he did it. He just did it.

Me: Okay, where do you live?

Ieoie: <.< You haven't named the city yet, but it's a merchant city on the edge of a desert next to a very big harbor that goes out to the sea. 

Me: What are you?

Ieoie: Why are you asking questions you already know the answer to? I'm a fire elf!

Me: Because I'm trying to get to know you better. :) As a fire elf, what can you do?

Ieoie: I can shoot sparks out of my hands! :D You should see my older sister though, she can create rainbow colored flames. But mine comes in handy more often. . .

Me: U huh. Okay then, one last question. What are you scared of?

Ieoie: Me? Truly?

Me: Yes.. Truly.

Ieoie: *sigh* I'm scared of darkness. Of being enveloped in it and not be able to create light with my sparks. Everything being a black void that eats all of that beautiful light.

Me: O.O Okay. See you next week!

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