Saturday, October 20, 2012

It has happened.

I have officially switched what novel I am going to work on. Starting tomorrow, I will begin working on a different book other than Avia's Fate. I might switch back to working on Avia's story later, when I find more inspiration or when I can find out how to make it more exciting. The first book in my fascinating new series, is being called for now Breaking Free. For now, here is the synopsis that I have started with!

Jesse Forbes thought she lived a normal life. Everything seemed to be fine, until the night the government of the (US?) comes to call. With her parents murdered, Jesse finds out that she’s a shifter, that the government has been secretly collecting shifters for their army, and that the collecting of shifters has become a worldwide race to find the best, the fastest, and the most unique shifters. But Jesse is an exception even with the shifters; she doesn’t have just one form like most people, she has many. Will Jesse ever be free of the tyranny of the government’s soldier system? Is there anywhere safe for her to escape to? Will Jesse ever find the stability she needs to become the leader everyone expects her to be?  

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