Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Drabble: Snow

This dabble was started when I looked outside at the deep snow, and thought of the words 'sharply soothing'. At first that didn't make sense to me, until I made a sentence with it. Now I love this description, and I hope to use it in one of my stories one day! Here's my dabble:

I tripped and fell hard, my hands falling down through the deep snow and my face planting deep in it. The snow felt sharply soothing against my hot, sweaty, tear stained face. That felt so much better than the shame I was running from that I staid there, reveling in the cool solitude I had found.

  Final word count: 56

P.S. I have been very busy with preparing to go to college, so the 'Character Mondays' will not always be on Mondays now. Well, at least not until I get more into a schedule. :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Character Mondays: Jesi

Yeah. . . I really need to work on her. Again. >.< Okay.

Me: Jesi, this time I'm going to give you situations and you'll tell me what you'd do. *nod*

Jesi: Okay. O.o

Me: What would you do if you where in a car that was going super fast with some person and that person suddenly died.

Jesi: What kind of situation is that? Um, I'd probably try to take over the wheel and slow it down in some way.

Me: What if there was a cliff ahead with a sharp turn, and you the brake pedal isn't working?

Jesi: You want to kill me. I'd pray that I live, and try to make the turn. O.O

Me: What if-

Jesi: O.O That's enough. Goodbye everyone! :D *leaves*

Me: I was going to ask her what she'd do if she made it. . . Oh well. Thanks for reading! :D