Monday, December 17, 2012

My First Drabble! The winged girl

Drabble = What you write using a writing prompt in as few words as possible.

This is my first Drabble. My prompt was wings and my goal was 100 words. It's 155. . . But I couldn't do any less without taking something away. Here it is:

The girl looked down into the alley and winced. The sound of a dog yelping in pain could be heard, and the sound of boys laughing. Anger distorted her face, and she stood up on the roof and opened her wings. She relished the look of horror on the boys' faces when the looked up to see her; a black winged red-headed angel dressed in a gray over-sized hoodie and dark brown jeans. They scattered as she glided down to where the mongrel lay near a dumpster. He looked up at her, fear showing in his eyes as he growled at her. She sighed; she knew of his pain, for she had been tormented before too. She took off her hoodie, showing a black sequined sleeveless shirt that was hidden underneath, and picked up the dog with it. Her dad was going to kill her for bringing home a dirty mutt, but she didn't care.  

(Update 1/1/13: I found this picture on Pinterest that looks like the girl I imagined. I love Pinterest!)

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