Monday, November 18, 2013

Building Printhia

Without much further ado, I give to you:


First off, I have a specific image in my head about what they should look like.
I have tried to draw them.
In fact, I've almost finished what I consider a pretty decent drawing of a male mer. 
I might as well share it. . . 

The tail probably should be bigger.
You see, the mers are based off of Betta Fish, aka Siamese Fighting Fish

Isn't it pretty?

I'm still working on designing the female Mers, as they are not like what we normally think of mermaids as being like. . .

I'm also guilty of looking at pictures on Pinterest and thinking about changing my design even more. . .

Maybe more than Betta Fish kinds of Mers?
Bunnehz, let me be!

I do have one character so far who is a Mer.

Meet Shinti, the Water Witch.
Having promised to serve the (insert dark spirits name) in the afterlife, she now wields a vast power that even she doesn't completely understand.
She is Ieoie's Antagonist.



A bit of Greek/Roman mythology with a bit of spirit worship mixed in.
A long time ago. . .
Maybe I should devote a day to telling history. . .

After I finish with the basic creatures/characters of Printhia!

Keep on Writing!

God Bless,

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