Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brainstorming Saturdays: I can never leave out the dragons.

Well, with all of the Building Printhia's I've done in the past month or so, I thought I'd let you into one of my Printhian stories.

I might as well start with a story that has been on my mind before I made Printhia, and only came to full after I created Printhian cultures.

Beneath the Dragon's Gate started off just as a normal Fairy Tale retelling, and in fact it probably could still be considered a 'normal' Fairy Tale retelling; I've only used Printhia to give it different twists.

Currently outlined and waiting its turn to be played with and updated, it currently stands at 37 planned chapters.

My current synopsis (really needs updated. . .):
When her country is torn between a truce with the dragons or being conquered by a neighboring human kingdom, Princess Rika is the one who must make the sacrifice. Sent by her parents to marry the dragon prince Iros, she rebels at every twist and turn she can think of. But when they are about to enter the mountainous dragon territory, her trusted maid Fonda turns against both Rika and her own native kingdom. After running for days on end, Rika finds refuge on one of the dragon capital's farms where she is put in charge of the geese with a few other dragon children. After trying to show the dragon king the fraud that is playing out in his palace, both Rika and the prince are kidnapped by enemy dragon's and are held for ransom. After a long and cold winter where the prince thinks she's siding with the enemy dragons, they are finally rescued by a few elite dragon warriors from the prince's own special guard. When they are brought back safely, Rika is blamed for deserting her maid in the sight of danger.

After that, she goes through a few more trials. . . 
Sometimes I feel just plain mean to my charries, but the story wouldn't be worth reading otherwise!


I wish sometimes that Fairy Tale retellings didn't have similar elements.
Then again, if they didn't then I wouldn't have something to jump off of. . .
The complexities. . .

Oh well.

Comment with questions and the like!

Keep on Writing!

God Bless

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