Monday, November 11, 2013

Building Printhia

Before I go on, I must confess something.


Most of Printhia's cultures are not original.

You see, I myself cannot not be biased.
(Double negative there. . .)
Let me restate that.
I am biased.
I cannot think of anything new; only what I've already learned or been taught before.
Why am I saying this?
Because each culture that evolves in my world is influence by different, already existing cultures in our world.
As you can probably tell already, Arabs and the Middle East with a little bit of Indian culture is what influences the Fire Elf culture.

More than that though, ancient and modern religions are also pretty dominant.
What do I mean?
Well, lets just say that Greek and Roman Mythology--something I know very well thanks to Percy Jackson and the other series that I'm forgetting the name of, and a good grounding in ancient history--permeates a lot of the cultures.
That said, lets look at another kind of elf.

Earth Elves

There really isn't a single word that can explain Earth Elves.
They are a little bit of so many things; gypsies, Spanish, a little of Indian, a small bit of modern, with a touch of ruffian throughout.
That doesn't even do them any kind of justice.
I'm serious.
There culture is so diverse, and it's mainly because they are the peddlers and 'gypsy travelers' of Printhia.
I have absolutely loved creating their look.
(Truth be told, I'm still not quite happy with it.)
In fact, here's a picture that comes really close to describing it:

The shirt isn't quite right, but the over all feel just screams 'Earth Elf' to me.

Their religion, sadly, isn't very built right now.
In fact, all that I know about them is that they are one of the first groups that finds Karum's Meegonta, or God's Scriptures.

They are healers, travelers, merchants, performers, name it and they probably have someone who does it.
Thieves, mercenaries, knights, lords, kings, priests, priestesses, the list goes on.
They are the dominant race, in all of Printhia they are everywhere except. . .

Almost gave something away there.

More on that later when I get to the Pixies and Fae.

Keep on writing!

God Bless,

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