Saturday, November 9, 2013

Brainstorming Saturdays: I might as well

So, I thought I'd start sharing some of my ideas for stories, because I probably won't write all of them.

If you like a specific one, feel free to comment and I'll answer questions. :) 

As my latest Writing Wednesday was on Little Red Riding Hood, I thought I'd share my idea for that story.

In case you didn't know, I have a dream of rewriting fairy tales. . . 

Maiden of the Wolves.
(So far YA, but lately I've been thinking of moving it to just Adult. . .)

I thought I knew the MC's name, (I think it started with an L) but I cannot find it now.
Anyways, I try to make a one liner for each of my story ideas, as that usually helps them push off.
Let's just say that MotW needs work. . . (AKA it's not in existence)

This SI came to me when I was on Pinterest one day (which used to be a lot last summer. . .) and someone was pinning a lot of fairy tale based pictures of people.
Then, I saw this picture:
 And this one:

That's when the title hit me.
Maiden of the Wolves.

So, who is this maiden?
Why do the wolves follow/possibly-protect her?

To be truthful, I still don't know all the answers to that question, but here is what I have.

L (as I'll use for her name right now) is the daughter of a king, whose whole royal family is somehow connected/guarded by the wolves.
When L's grandmother from her mother's side successfully poisons the king and pays one of the Royal Guards to turn away when she slips some of her own men in who massacre a lot of the people in the palace, L's mother slips away with the toddler L.
Hunted by her own mother's men, the queen leaves L with the one symbol of her true birth (her red cape and hood, red is the symbol of royalty) and some wolves standing guard over her; she runs off successfully distracting and moving the men away from L.

L is kept warm and rather well cared for by the wolf pack, until she is found by a wood cutter.
Seizing an opportunity, he takes her home to his wife where they raise her along with their other children, until she is about 8 or 9 years old, when the wolves come looking for her.
Afraid because of the royal curse (whoever kills a wolf. . . Well, something dreadful happens. . .), they put her out of their home.
The children are confused, and continue to be friendly with her, but the rest of the village considers her cursed.

That's what I know the most of.
What I also know, is that the son of the traitor guard is the one who knows that the princess L survived the massacre, and goes looking for her with the help of some rogue royal guards and a small elite group of warrior women.

L is a red head.
It just fits with her spunky, no nonsense-ness.
I have no other words to describe her personality yet.

Questions, words of a kind sort, please comment below.

God Bless!

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