Saturday, August 29, 2015

What is this Gotheg?

I tend to forget things.
And one thing that I tend to forget, is how many worlds I have and how many I've actually shared.

One of my favorites, though, is the world of Gotheg.

Named after I studied Gothic architecture in high school, I took to the name like glue.
(If you don't quite get it, I replaced the -ic in gothic, with -eg, and quite liked the sound.)

I started researching different Gothic architecture, particularly cathedrals and gargoyles.

Then I let it drop for a while. . .

Until I started playing around with a story idea that centered around a box that made things magical.
(Which, by the way, is now a completely different story. Imagine that.)

I started to play with adding viking-ish details and cultural aspects to it, and it became what I have now today.
Most of the climates are based on Scandinavia, down to the island countries.
I'm playing around with possibly adding some warmer climates to the world, but so far that's been a no-go.

So yeah!
That's what I have so far for my Gotheg world, which I might post more about later. . .
First comes College life, and writing my stories.

Keep on Writing!

God Bless

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