Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Step of Faith: The Crystal Legend

So I guess I might as well do another one today.

Today's Little Bunny: The Crystal Legend

This idea came about when I put together three things: A cool looking picture, one of the countries I developed for Gypsy Gift, and the idea of what if this world had invisible beings that were going extinct?
Almost like saying ghosts are now extinct, but they weren't always, so that would be why we are still scared of them.
Now there's a new idea within itself.
But anyways, I took it and I ran with it and this is what came out.

The Legend of the Crystal Steed

In a time when nobility understood the importance of educating the lower classes, rumors are flying.
Invisible creatures are back, they say, the invisible creatures from the age of myths.
The nobles do everything they can to deny this.
First livestock start to act oddly.
Then children start to disappear.
When a young prince and his entourage disappear on a hunt, a young philosopher is ordered to find the truth behind this.
He bands up with a pickpocket, a nobleman, and a swine herder. 

I did end up throwing in a cliche twist in there, but it just fits with this story and makes me smile so wide!
Oh, the adventures to write!
Questions? Advice? Idease? Anythings is welcome! :)

Keep on Writing!

God Bless

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