Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Step of Faith: Carousel Song

I am bored today, so here's the next idea: Carousel Song

This one actually has been lingering with me for a long time.
When I was younger (I don't even remember how old I was. . .), I read a picture book that was about a carousel that came alive at night.
That idea stayed with me for a very long time, and when I was a teenager I combined it with two (possibly three) things that I love: Family, and Sci-Fi/Fantasty.
I didn't like the idea of creating the one cliche (to me at least) single main character, who just falls in love with another sub-main character, when they were in their mid teens, like I was then.
I wasn't even in a place or position to even start thinking about what having a boyfriend would be like, so in hind sight, I don't blame my teenage self.
So. . . 
Here it is, after the many evolutions it has gone through.

Carousel Horses by Anne Wipf
This reminds me of the book that originally inspired this, but it isn't quite like it. . .

The two main characters are sisters, Melvina and Skye.
Their father is the keeper of the carousel that is in their town.
They have known for many years, that the carousel was special, they just didn't know how.
The day after Skye's (some teen number) birthday, she is introduced to how to take care of the carousel with her sister and father.
That night, she learns their family's secret: The carousel is alive.
The horses, of all kinds and colors, become alive after (some yet to be determined time)
For some unknown reason, her father disappears without a reason that same night.
They find (a communication of some sort) that informs them about something (not really decided, but something about their father. . .).
They discover somehow that the horses actually act as guards of a kind to other worlds and realms, and one of them has gone missing.
The over arching premise is to find their father.
The story is broken down into twenty-six short episodes, I guess you can put it.
Originally, they were just stories of modern girls exploring my imaginary worlds, but then last year I came up with the episode/chapter titles, and that gave them more of a plot.
I'm actually thinking that this might be the stories that I work on during the rest of this summer. . .

Questions? Advice? Ideas? Anything is welcomed! :)

Keep on Writing!

God Bless

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