Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Step of Faith: Becoming a Gentleman

Well, it's past time for me to do another one of these.

My next idea (type, thing) is: Becoming a Gentleman 

I started this one when I first started to play around with the Steam Punk genre.
I personally don't see much in it yet, but I still love the title and the feel of it.
Oh yes, I don't think of these ideas/stories as one dimensional thought, but with all my senses.
This one in particular feels like old supple leather and smells of black tea that was steeped too long.
I never really sat down and wrote down any of my thoughts on this, but I'll try to remember all that I can.
(Self, please don't forget to do that again. . .)


(MC) was some kind of street kid, who was snagged off the street by someone (or maybe an organization???).
He decides to go into the police force, especially as he sees himself as a fairer officer towards his fellows.
When he finally gets his badge, he is immediately moved to a finer district and put on a watch for a grand mansion.
There was something about assassins as well, and someone with spy information that needed to be kept guarded.
And for some reason, there was nobility and upper class stuff that he had to learn.

Really self, why didn't you write this one down?
Oh well.
There it is.
All that I can remember about it.

(Oh, all of my picture story ideas are kept on my computer, and automatically alphabetized, so. . . expect all future story ideas from A-Z :D )

Questions? Advice? Ideas? Anything is welcome! :)

Keep on Writing!

God Bless,

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