Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Writing Wednesday: Pinspiration

This Week's Theme: Printhia's Kinds, Cont.; Pixie


Omo Valley, Ethiopia | ©Steven Goethals

From searching for beauty in their basic abilities, came the Pixies.



They left the normal lives of the Earth Elthian to become nomads in the plains and safaris.



There are four well known Pixie tribes.


The Tor-Mel took to the desert oasis', trading and making glass for a living.


by Eric Lafforgue

The Tarzuuk took to the scrub lands, gold panning and herding for a living.



The Kastuu took to the mountainous deserts, mining and trading for a living.


Afar tribal girl.

The Tar'ran wandered from place to place, taking their metallurgy skills with them to earn a living.


They have kept their Mother Race's gregarious patriarchal communities and boisterous personalities.


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