Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Step of Faith: A Palace of Words

After a lot of thinking, I've decided to start with the stories inspired by pictures and quotes I've collected on my computer.

First one up:

A Palace of Words (A Snow White Retelling)

There are many things that I've come to detest in Snow White retellings.

Many of them include:
1. Weird to really fast romance
2. Either really innocent or some odd combination of innocence and warrior princess
3. An overly trusting Snow White

I guess you can say that I don't read too much fairy tale retellings, but I can say that this is what has been bugging me personally.

So, like a lot of my stories end up becoming, I decided to try my own little spin.
(This story has had two different versions arise in the time that it has stewed in my noggin. . .)

Oh, my answers to the things I don't like. . .
1. Either somehow learn to make it realistic, or don't include it at all.
2. Where's the background reasoning behind everything? Turn her into a real character I can understand!
3. Similar to 2, but I'd probably also give her some common sense. . . 

Version 1:
(Snow) was a very sheltered princess/girl while growing up.
Her father pampered her.
Her step-mother was her closest confidant and friend.
But times have changed, with the rise of a great plague and the rumors that only spilled blood with end it.
Her father tried to bring this down with the help of the local priests, only for the step-mother to side with the priests and kill her husband.
This doesn't end the plague, and all eyes turn on the new found ruler, the queen.
Fearing the priesthood, she herself turns to the young woman who she had once adored, (Snow).
Unable to do the requested deed herself, she sends the girl out with some men who were told to do the deed.
The frightened girl escapes from these strange men, and eventually comes upon a small mountain village, starving and in need of help.
Taken in by the headman's family, she becomes dear to them, despite her useless knowledge and strange ways.
When a strange woman comes to their village, the plague quickly follows.
The queen has come to do the job herself.

Version 2:
The royals are dying out, and danger lies everywhere
When the queen dies, leaving the king with a little daughter as his heir, he remarries and sends his daughter to grow up with her wet nurse's family.
He keeps the knowledge of his daughter from his new bride, in the hopes that his daughter would become lost to the royal world.
After a short and barren marriage, he dies and leaves his kingdom to his queen.
History will not, however, forget his deed.
A group of young historians come to the queen, requesting information on the young princess, who would be reaching her time of eligibility soon.
Aghast at the news that her husband had a child, she sends out men to find the young woman.
By the turns of Fate, she was not found in her home, and the men retaliated by needlessly murdering her adopted family.
Frightened for her life, she escapes into the nearby forest and travels for weeks.
She eventually ends up in an enclosed University, where she is befriended and given work.
After years of searching, the queen finds her and slowly tries to befriend her.
After coming to a standstill in (Snow's) defenses, the queen decides that she must act.

I don't know the details, or all of the answers yet for these two versions.
For all that I know, I'll end up changing the name for one of them and just write two different stories!

Questions? Advice? Ideas? Anything is welcome. :)

Keep on Writing!

God Bless,

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