Thursday, January 1, 2015

When a Scene Comes Calling

You know when you write something, a drabble perhaps, and it doesn't fit anywhere?

Nothing that you are working on.
Nothing planned for the future.
Nothing that you had thought of before.

It just.

That happened, and I'm super curious about this one.

I'm also uncertain about a lot of it.

For example:
What genre is it?
Why is she hiding her identity from her friends?
Who is this queen character, and what is she up to?
How trusting are her friends?
Et cetera and so on and so forth. 

You curious yet?




“I know you’re here. We can smell you.”
The female’s smooth, oily speech fills all my senses and I close my eyes and ears, biting my tongue to keep from retching. It’s still there.
“Will you take me to them? Will you promise that you will take me to them?” I finally gasp out. I can almost physically feel the female’s smile.
With my eyes tightly shut and my hands over my ears, I stand up. Liquid iron tears my hands away from my ears and ties them behind my back.
“Smart girl.” The female murmurs, not that far from my ear. “Smarter than your comrades.”
“Diamonds.” Was all that I answer. I slowly sway my head from side to side. “Diamonds. Diamonds.” I repeat with a smirk.
They had me now. The Diamonds will try to take me. But me, I will not see.
The female’s watery laughter fills my being, followed by the sharp crackle of the males’ laughter. It cut off short soon after we started to walk. A hiss escapes the female and the liquid iron tightens. They know.
“Seer.” She hisses at me. A real smile tugs at my lips. Fire explodes in my senses and I crumple to the ground, only to be yanked up again by the liquid iron.
“Take her away.” The female hisses.
They drag me off. I still refuse to open my eyes. Every sense blurs together. My eyes are tired of being clenched together, but I will not open them. Sulfur fills my nose. Heat, pain, cold, fire. I feel everything. My mouth is parched and a bitter taste fills it. A great weariness fills me.
Yes. I know all about this from long ago.
Yes. I’ve come home once again.
I’m no longer the little girl I once was. Small. Afraid. Obedient. No. I’m home. And I’m not leaving it ever again.
A tight laugh escapes my chest, and my body becomes heavier. I know exactly where I am. I am back where I belong.
I’m in the queen’s chamber.
“Welcome home, little One.” A female’s voice, as light and flighty as silk evades my senses.
I nod stiffly.
“Oh little One. You know that closing your eyes is useless.” She laughs quietly. “You’ve already seen everything.”
I catch my breath as images invade my mind. Heights everywhere. Glittering lights evade almost every surface. A woman’s knowing smile. I clutch my eyes but they don’t leave. I drop to my knees and start to rock back and forth.
“There’s my little One.” The queen’s voice says with satisfaction. “Bring the first one in.”
I don’t hear anyone coming or going. Just the sound of Enoch’s voice entering my senses.
“Where are we going? What’s going on? Hera? Are you okay?”
He never shuts up.
“Ah. So you never told them your very name. Well, little One, I’ll tell him.” A rustling echoes throughout the room. “The woman that you call Hera is not-”
“Don’t. Please.” I beg through clenched teeth.
“Look at her.” I can literally feel the queen shake her head with my whole body.
“She is not Hera. Her name is Adhara Nova Dusana, and she is the noted Seer of our lands. You have perceived this, yes?”
Enoch does not make a sound, though I can physically feel his intense gaze. I crumple down even more, trying to become as small as I can on the floor, and please oh please, disappear.
“Go back to your, ‘friends’, and then we shall see what will happen next.”
I know that tone of voice all too well. She has used it when she does whatever is in her power to put me back in my place. My small, mindlessly obedient place in her world.
Not this time.
 With my eyes still fiercely closed, I force myself to stand up against every screaming memory.
“Enoch.” I say as clearly as I can. Ice explodes throughout my body, but I stand straight anyways, against the pain.
“Enoch, remember. D-” My body starts to crumble beneath me against everything that I try. “Diamonds.” I finally gasp out.
A chuckle explodes in my head as everything dims slowly to darkness and deepness and nothingness.
“Oh, my strong-willed One. I’m so glad you are back.”



I can go in either Sci Fi or Fantasy direction with this one, depending on the concepts I want to go with. 

What genre does it feel like to you?


Keep on Writing!
God Bless,

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