Friday, August 16, 2013

It is Finished, but it Doesn't End Here.

I do not own this picture. I found it online and used it for inspiration

My novel is complete. 

I stayed up till midnight last night working on it so I can send it in. I did it. What I sent in isn't my best work, though, because I decided to do it so late and I only edited the first two chapters before the deadline. But I did it.

Shadow Wings First Draft Word Count: 27,037

Now I'm working on the basic plot/outline for the sequel (which is sadly unnamed). I'll be writing the sequel using the 100 for 100 Challenge that Go Teen Writers hosts. If you want to join the Challenge as well, the sign up closes next Thursday. Now, on with the writing, for if I do not continue, it will stay where it is, in need of a voice.

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