Friday, August 30, 2013

College, the Sweet Sweet Sorrow (and narrowing my genre)

Yes, I'm officially in college. I have been for the past week, in fact. I've been horribly busy, and haven't been able to work on blogging, book reviewing, or even writing in a sense. 

Where am I, you ask? 
I'm at Northland International Institute. I absolutely love it; it's a small college with a very relaxed atmosphere that I feel that I can actually learn in. 
What am I majoring in? 
That's a different kind of question. . . I'm so far undecided. I have about three different ideas pulling me here and there when ever I think about that, which I could get very deeply into if I wanted. I would rather get this posted before supper, so I think I'll leave it at that until later. 
Northland is up in northern Wisconsin, surrounded by trees (lovely inspiration for my next book! More on that book later, hee hee. ) 
It might be small, but the work load isn't. . . 
Which leads me on to the reason I remembered to write a post. 

I have a huge workload. 
I'll be reading two books of the Bible twice, in two weeks, each semester. That's not counting papers, other scripture readings, memory work, and other projects that I'll be working on. 
The good thing that I can see is that there isn't as many textbooks as I've seen others have to buy when they go to college. Around half of my classes only use the Bible, of which I already have (duh moment for me there, sorry.). 
Where will I find time to work on my writing? 
Yeah. . . About that. . . I'm not sure if I'll write much while in college. Well, at least not on my fictional stuff. If I do, it'll be after my homework is done. 
Which might be a long time. . . 
BUT. I'm not giving up hope.

Since time is so short for a college student, I won't really be working on literally writing, or even editing right now. 
Instead, I'm going to work on the exciting planning stuff (eh, sorta sorta not.). 
Since my last post, I have decided to take a break from the broad genre of Science Fiction and enter a more well known genre of mine, Fantasy. 
I'm going to be working on a story idea that I'm currently call The Gypsy Gift. 
Before I left for college, I'd created a map for the land (I'm currently calling the country Baumhaus. . .) and started to color it in. 
I hope to eventually finish it, and I might even share it on here. I love sharing. . . (Yeah. Right.) 
When I come up with a hook for it, or a synopsis, or any other little descriptive bit, I'll post it. :) 
The dreaded synopsis. . . Well, kinda sorta. Oh man, I could write a whole post on synopsis'. Heh. I am not giving up, though, on Shadow Wings. In fact, I've found since finishing it and setting it aside, a few things about it. 

Shadow Wings now has a sequel in the planning, and I've given it the title. . . *drum roll*
Shadow Sky

I love the title. 
It makes complete sense to me (and hopefully, eventually, to you), it goes with Shadow Wings, and it gives me something to bounce off of if I'm ever stuck (which you can be assured, I will be at some point). 
But even better than that, something has finally clicked in my head about Shadow Wings. 
Shadow Wings is very similar to a Utopian type of novel (I'm saying that because of what I've heard that kind of novel is like, not that I've read any.). 
It's futuristic, the government is supposed to be almost perfect, and the main problem is centered around the problems of the government not really caring about the citizens. 

I'm off now!


  1. beautiful title, joy! would age group is it for? im a tween, but ur book titles are tempting. ;) totally! :)

    1. Thanks TW! Right now it's Young Adult. :)