Monday, January 21, 2013

Character Mondays: Jesi (and Rea)

Sadly, life has taken a tole on things, and I haven't gotten around to this for three weeks. I'm super super sorry. . . Okay, I need to work on my MC Jesi, so I'll interview her again tonight.

Me: Okay Jesi, I'm going off a list here today. Do you have any bad habits?

Jesi: Um, I like to play with my hair.

Rea: She only does that when she's nervous or else needs to be comforted.

Me: Rea! How'd you get in here! Okay, to settle any confusion, Rea is Jesi's mom. Um, I suppose as you're her mom, you can sit in on this one, but don't do that again!

Rea: All right sweetie, but I am her mother and I will use the authority I have over her to become her lawyer if need be.

Me: *whispered* Okay, she has no idea. . . *Stops whispering* Okay Jesi, has anything scared you enough to keep you up at night?

Jesi: I'd probably say the night dad threatened me to stay away from these kids or else he'd bring me to the doctors. . . Doctors are scary.

Rea: Well honey, we had our reasons to make you afraid. I'm sorry it kept you awake at night though.

Me: Rea. . .

Rea: Sorry sweetie. Continue.

Me: Jesi, what do you think is your worst quality or attribute?

Jesi: I'm short.

Me: Seriously? Come on.

Jesi: Okay. . . Mom says I don't talk enough. I'm not good with words, I don't like talking.

Rea: Unless you're practicing an accent. Then you go nuts about talking about nothing at all. *rolls eyes*

Jesi: Mom. . .

Me: *smirk* Okay, last one. Do you have any extended family?

Jesi: I don't know. . . Mom?

Rea: I cannot say at the moment. I'm sorry, but I cannot say.

Me: Okay. This is kind of awkward, so, that's it for now. Goodnight folks!

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