Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Writing Wednesday: Pinspiration

Theme: A Sorcerer's Fight
Note: I'm using this week's Pinspiration for brainstorming for my current WIP. This is for the back-story of my two antagonists.

Idea for an Negrekian village.
Setting: Negrekian Village

Lady in Shrouds (by Emile Bremmer)
Possibly the original sorceress.

Brother & sister photo. Same pic every year. This almost made me cry.
This top image reminds me of the two new sorcerers, siblings Casimir and Nika

If they were younger (guy early teens and girl a few years younger) this would be Casimir and Nika in the aftermath of the sorcerer's destruction.

grey and white hair.
An older Nika as a sorceress

SIN by on @deviantART
Possibly an older Casimir as a sorcerer

Why are the people in the background just standing there? Hmm. . .
The fight has begun.

knight medieval battle - Multiple, sadly, only different settings.
Shortly before the sorcerer arrived (change the setting to forest/meadow/mountains)

Keep on Writing!

God Bless

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