Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Knowing the Voices

I'm a writer. 

So it only makes sense that I talk back to the voices in my head, and they talk back to me.
Something that I've come to realize these last few days as characters come and go in my mind, is their personalities.

They have personalities.

Some of them are up beat and mischievous *cough*Ieoie*cough*.
Others are. . .

Well, that brings me to my current mystery.
Understanding the main character of my current WIP, Darina.
You see, I've come to know her best from writing a quick denouement scene. 
I don't know her from the beginning of the story.
I know her from the end.
When I start going backwards, it's like she shuts up and disappears. . .

I've been trying to get into her head and work backwards, but that isn't working very well.
At least not with the amount of time I have on my hands to work on my writing.
I might start up the Character Monday's again, if just to get her to talk a bit. . .

Or I could start interrogating Jedrek. 
I haven't done much with him yet.
Or Elettra. . .
Oddly enough, I've come to know my villains best for this story, siblings Casimir and Nica Sileny.
The last few stories I've worked on I didn't know my villains very much.
So that's happy.

This isn't a very pointed post other than what's going on with my writing. . .
Hopefully I can post something better later!

Keep on Writing!

God Bless

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