Monday, July 29, 2013

Update: Shadow Wings Chapter Three


An Update

After much ado over college and putting aside very small amounts of time for writing, I have 'kind of' finished Chapter Three. Okay, all of the chapters are kind of in the first draft, but I intentionally left scene gaps because I simply didn't know what to write. Another trick I learned from Go Teen Writers (you should really read that book, I learned things that now seem so sensible I don't know why I failed in not realizing that first). I'm currently working on figuring out the basic outline for chapter four as that chapter is full of loose details and no where to go.

Chapter Four, HERE I COME!

Another update: I hope to start posting a book review once a month. . . Hopefully starting in August. I'm not sure how I'll do with keeping it up afterwards, but it's a goal to aim for!

Word Count: 2,141

Total Word Count: 6,249

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