Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Character Mondays: Jesi

Yeah. . . I really need to work on her. Again. >.< Okay.

Me: Jesi, this time I'm going to give you situations and you'll tell me what you'd do. *nod*

Jesi: Okay. O.o

Me: What would you do if you where in a car that was going super fast with some person and that person suddenly died.

Jesi: What kind of situation is that? Um, I'd probably try to take over the wheel and slow it down in some way.

Me: What if there was a cliff ahead with a sharp turn, and you the brake pedal isn't working?

Jesi: You want to kill me. I'd pray that I live, and try to make the turn. O.O

Me: What if-

Jesi: O.O That's enough. Goodbye everyone! :D *leaves*

Me: I was going to ask her what she'd do if she made it. . . Oh well. Thanks for reading! :D

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