Monday, January 21, 2013

My second Drabble! It has a big tree. . . Yup.

Okay. I'm going to do this one on trees. I miss seeing the green trees so much right now. . .  I'm not sure if it's a very good drabble, as it seems like the beginning of a story, but I think you can do drabbles like that. I don't know though, but anyways, here it is:

I sat beneath the biggest tree I've ever seen, breathing hard. It's shade was cooling and refreshing, a nice relief from the scorching sun. An ugly brown bird hopped down to where I sat, “Morning!” He said, “You really shouldn't be here, move on.” I watched him fly away. What is wrong? Did I do something? All I had done was sit down. I have walked all day, besides it's stuffy and hot, I deserve a rest. I felt something rough wrap around me, and the world became cool and dark.

Final word count: 91


  1. Trying to figure out how to follow you.. I don't see the 'follow' option... help meeee!!

  2. Fixed it! Thanks for letting me know. :)