Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shadow Wings Revamp?

So, after leaving my first novel, Shadow Wings, alone for a *coughcough* while, I have finally looked at it again.

Let's just say that it is missing something.
As in, REALLY missing something.

The other day, while reading Jeff Gerke's book, The First Fifty Pages, I had an idea.

Why not change it a bit?

Well, that bit changed to 'a bit more', to 'okay, lets add even more'.

Now, I am not 100% solid on what I am going to be doing with it.
But in short, the original story that took me a whole summer to write up, is not nearly as big a part as I originally had it be.

Instead of having the original story the main part, I am adding a second story:
Remember Kallie Forbes, the main character for the original Shadow Wings? 
Her memories are now being explored in the future.

They will be used for. . . 


I am currently deciding on whether I want to make this into a courtroom story, or a government agency/spy story, or some other kind.
The courtroom story is not necessarily my style, but over half the book will be in Kallie's memories.
Government/spy stories, well, I have not ventured into that arena yet, so that one seems more intriguing to me right now.

Oh, and I am still deciding on whether or not Kallie lives.
Typical writer problems.

Keep on Writing!

God Bless,

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