Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Confessions at Night

Truth: I actually haven't read as much fantasy/science fiction as I would have liked.

You see, as a home-schooler, I read what was in the house or what my mom let me sign out of the library.
Don't get me wrong, I love the books I've read and I believe that they have greatly influenced the way I write and look at stories (especially Tolkien and Lewis, the few fantasy novels that were allowed in our house).

So, tonight while looking up information on the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin (and consequently information on Martin as well), I discovered something.

My love of real history and patterns revealed in history has shaped more than my style of writing; it has shaped how I look at every genre that I try to write.

This might seem obvious to others, but it was just a dejavu moment for me. 

Think about it, I love science fiction, and I love fantasy.
I'm currently trying to write a sci-fi were some people have shape-shifting abilities, without the aid of some kind of magic.
It's hard figuring out how it can be done realistically without taking forever or killing the character. 
My love of history, and facts in general, will not let me be with that matter.
How does it happen?

Yes. . .
It's been plaguing me this last week.

Yet again, look at how I'm building some of my story worlds.
Kingdoms that imitate our past.
People groups that share characteristics with ones here.
That's usually where I end up standing still and pondering how they show their own individualism.
Lately it has really struck me that my worlds might even be too closely imitating ours.

My question then is 'Why is that bad?'
Don't readers want something similar to our world that they can latch onto?

Well, I suppose the answer is a simply 'No, it's not necessarily bad.'

My objection to it is mainly that I want to create each world like an individual entity or character, complete with its own personality and feel to it.
In my head, I can almost picture how they appear, how their lands would be to the five senses, the history behind all of it.
I don't want to create something so similar to our world that you could have read something similar from any historical fiction novel in the stores.

I so badly wish that I could work all day on writing my stories or building my worlds.

Of course, as a sensible college student (which I doubt I am, but God is still working on me. . .) I need to be working on more than that.
We, created in God's image, are meant to do things together, to learn, and communicate face to face.
Sitting in a 'closet' with a notebook/laptop writing all day doesn't really come out as that.

Sometimes I forget that a good thing can go sour.

Well, I'll head to bed in a moment here.

Thanks for listening to my odd ramblings, I hope they made sense!

Keep on Writing

God Bless,

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