Friday, April 12, 2013

A 'Kind of' Character Monday: Jesi

I know it's actually Friday, but hey. I have to get back to doing these. I'm going to try something new today. . . I'm going to put my charrie into a setting, and then I'm going to plop down with her and, well, talk I suppose. :)

Setting: A small park. It is late autumn so it's cold, and not that many people out. It is later in the day, about an hour or so before sunset, so it's getting dark. Jesi (I really need to change her name, it doesn't fit her properly. . . <.< ) is sitting on a park bench wrapped up in a thick woolen cardigan and a floppy hat.

Me: *walks over and sits down* Hey Jesi.

Jesi: *looks up from studying her lap* Hey.

Me: So. . . What do you think?

Jesi: WHAT DO I THINK? Pray tell me more. *glare*

Me: What do you think. . . Of the weather? *nervous smile*

Jesi: *rolls eyes* It's cold. The trees are pretty. *takes a deep breath* It's peaceful. *small smile*

Me: Okay, that's what I'd hope you'd think. *looks down at notebook* What do you think of the name Alessa?

Jesi: I hate it. Why?

Me: *clears throat* No reason. *straightest face* What about Kallie?

Jesi: It's better than Alessa. Why?

Me: *nervously clears throat* I'm looking for a better name for you. Jesi doesn't really fit. . .

Jesi: Oh no. I'm just going to be like so many other charries, and have their names changed again and again. You've already changed my basic storyline multiple times. Now my name?

Me: I detest the name Jesi. . . It's gender neutral, and I hate that kind of name. . . I might want to change the spelling of Kallie though. . .

Jesi: I said no.

Me: But Kallie fits you ten times better!

Jesi: Am I keeping anything?

Me: You're keeping your middle name. Kallie Rose, now THAT sounds pretty! *big grin* It's final. You're now Kallie.

Kallie: O.O

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