Saturday, March 16, 2013

Latest Synopsis

After working really hard by myself to get everything written just right for my 'final' synopsis, I ended up talking it through with my mom and this is the result:

When the Zoic Betterment Program (ZBP) came and took Jesi Forbes, they turned her world upside down. The ZBP killed her family, her friends, and took her freedom. Now, newly trained as an elite bodyguard, she is willing to do anything in her power to bring the program down. With the future shrouded in shadow, will she succeed against all odds? Or will she become, just like Doctor Aceti and Mr. Atkins, an annihilator of her own kind?

Now I'm hoping to pick up the pace and get writing this next month or so. (That is, if I'm not bogged down with life. . . )


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