Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Starting from Scratch: New Idea, New World

It is by far time for my mind to settle down on one story and stick with it for longer than a few weeks.

And I'm hoping this is the one.

A Cyberpunk and Urban Fantasy story centered around a gang rivalry between the Old City and the New City.

I'm really into it, and I think I've got the characters cemented in my mind already to the point where I'd love to start doing character chats again.
I haven't done that since High School. . .
I miss doing those, actually.

This story needs its own world though, and it's combining my two favorite genres into one, so I'm really starting for scratch in many ways.

The one thing that I'm not starting from scratch with, is the original concept that I had years ago; what if Beauty was cursed as well as the Beast? 
Everything else has changed.
The plot.
The characters.
The setting.
Not the concept that started it all, though.
And no, I'm no longer counting it as a fairy tale retelling as much as a fairy tale inspired story.
(Until my mind shows me differently, that is. . .)

Okay, hold up, wait just a minute.
What about everything else?

I hit a PoV wall with Riven's Light, so I'm frustrated with it and put it on the shelf for a few weeks before I rewrite it. . .
Shadow Wings will get another run over.
I was thinking about doing Given Away for Camp NaNoWriMo. . . 
Maybe later in the year?

I'll be doing a huge amount of world building super fast, which may or may not make its way onto here.
We'll see.

Keep on Writing!

God Bless,

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