Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Beauty of Writing and Surprise Characters

I am so thankful for writing practicums right now.
Because I have to write for fifteen minutes a day, I've been able to chisel away at my next novel.
This next novel I'm trying to write a bit differently.
As I didn't spend that much time originally planning it, I'm writing important plot scenes first, before handling the other scenes dealing with character development and side-plots.
But, as usual, I've found a flaw.

I don't know the characters nearly as well as I should.
In fact, I've stumbled upon a character that I literally know null about, didn't know I needed, and I'm having to stop and figure him out.
So I'm sharing a brief introduction to him.
I hope to interview him on here at some point this week.


Dustin, comes from an old Norse name, Torsten, meaning Thor's Stone.




Captain of the crown prince's guard, and personal trainer to the crown prince.


Sharp features on a small face, dark brown eyes and light brown hair, doesn't care too much about appearances so he's usually in pretty mussed up clothing, and prefers leather armor to the more recently developed chain mail.



Well, that's all I really know for now.

Until next time!

Keep on Writing!
God Bless,

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