Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Writing Wednesday: Pinspiration

This Week's Theme: Red Riding Hood
Maiden of the Wolves, A Red Riding Hood retelling
I know She's from Game of Thrones, but all the same this picture makes me think of Red Riding Hod
I'm actually not sure where this one comes from.
Red in a field of white.
Classic RRH
Another classic picture
This gives me an idea for a sequel to Red Riding hood. . . O.O
I'm not sure where this is from, but the bunnies behind its a GUY with a red cape/cloak. . .
I had to add one for the grandmother
The dog/wolf's expression makes my mind whirl with ideas. Heh.
Red Riding Hood
RRH done in a different culture?

That's all for now!

Keep on Writing~

God Bless

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