Friday, March 21, 2014

Long Promised Part TWO

So I didn't get to this the last few days.
I really need to figure out a better way for doing this.
Here's Chapter One Part TWO!
 I turn abruptly and start running down the road.


I come into view of the house again to see a strange huver with tinted windows parked in front of the house; four people dressed in black, two dark haired, one blond, and one white, are standing in front. Both of the dark haired persons is holding dad to his knees, and the white haired one is holding mom.

The Blondie turns around as I come into sight. Blondie is a woman with a slight build, and that smile on her face isn't very welcoming.

“NO! KALLIE GO! RUN!” Mom screams, her voice already wearing out.

“Mom!” I hessitate.

“Kallie. Go.” Dad slowly turns his head towards me as he barks out his words. The side of his face that had been turned away from me is covered in a giant bruise, his lip is cut, and his eye is starting to swell. I take a step forward.

“KALLIE!” Mom's face is pleading with me. “GO!”

My mind reals as I start to slowly back peddle, my gaze still locked on dad's face.

Blondie shakes her head and hits dad across the face; he spits out blood at her.

Before I even realize what I've decided, I'm running towards them.

“STOP!” My throat screams in pain at the harsh vibrations emmonating from it.

The woman's mouth stretches into a malicious grin as she watches me come closer to her.

She reaches towards me and I stumble backwards, tripping over a fire hydrant. She jerks forwards and also stumbles, her hand touching some wet grass from a drip in the hydrant. I hear an electric sizzle; shock gloves. I've only heard of them before.

The woman stands up and yanks off her glove.

“Kallie! Go!” Dad yells; his jaw is clenched, and he is breathing in gasps of pain.

“Shut up.” The woman in front of me said, “I already said we want the girl, and have her we will.” She eyes me suspiciously, the wheels in her mind almost visibly turning.

My eyes narrow as I try to gather together my thoughts.

She lunges again and I roll to the side; my bag digs into my side.

Grasping at an idea I reach in and pull out the first thing I come to; my camera. I wince. I throw it at the nearest person; the one holding mom. The person, lady, holding mom turns mom around and the camera hits mom. I wince.

I somersault to a standing possition, trying to remember all the fighting information that I had looked up years ago. I'm an idiot.

I reach in my bag and this time I end up grabbing a pen. I click it open and get into what I think is a frightening stance.

“That won't work.” A harsh feminine voice I have yet to hear says.

I look up in surprise only to lock gazes with the white/blond woman holding mom. Half of her face is covered in some kind of black paint or seamless mask, making it hard to decipher what exactly she looks like other than her sharp blue-green eyes. Her eyes are laughing at me.

I growl in my throat and get ready to pounce. A hand grazes my arm as I jump. The hairs up and down my arm stand on end.

The black masked woman easily rolls out of the way.

The worst surge of panic I have ever felt rose in my chest.

“Kallie!” My mom cries out.

I turn around to find myself a foot away from blondie; she's completely lost her cool look and is now glaring at me.

I back away from the woman as a splitting pain for a slight second rips through my whole body. Crazy blondie is now looking at me with pure hatred.

Blue fabric suddenly envelopes me from the shoulders down. I struggle until I'm free.

Blondie lunges for me.

I scream and try to jump. My brain is foggy. I'm high in the air over Blondie, and I'm staying up.

Blondie takes out a gun-type device and points it at mom.

I scream. She fires. Mom falls silently. Dad screams and pulls like he's gone mad.

I lunge at the woman without thinking, barely noticing the bird shaped shadow below me.

A bolt of white lightning hits me hard, bringing me back down to earth. I lie on the ground gasping for breath.

A white owl has hit me. It changes into the masked woman who had been holding mom.

NO!” Dad roars and struggles madly against the two men holding him. I've never seen him like this.

Blondie walks over to dad. She raises the gun in her hand, aims it at him, and fires.

I scream. I struggle against the woman on top of me and I scream.

The woman on top of me doesn't even flinch. I tear at her with my bare hands, but it doesn't help at all.

For a second the woman's grip loosens, and I free one arm. I almost touch mom's limp, outstretched arm.

Everything goes dark.

Again, it's only a second draft.
Comments are very much appreciated!

Keep on Writing

God Bless

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