Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Writing Wednesday Pinspiration

Words cannot express how true this is.

"What the detective story is about is not murder but the restoration of order." P. D. James

What's Your Character Hiding? - How to Pick a Juicy Secret (and Get the Most Out of It!) on @Writingeekery
Hee hee, that is a very good question!

Villainy 101: 10 things A Villain Should Avoid
Please, I broke over half of these when I was young. . . >.< :)

A writer's revenge :)
This is true. >:3

Trinity's Plotting Method - A Quill In Her Quiver
Notebooks. . . A Writer's best friend!

Well. . . I'm getting very bogged down in school, so these are getting smaller. . .

Keep on writing!

God Bless!

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