Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Adventure is Out There!

Adventure is out there! ~ Ellie, Up

Ellie - 'Up' (2009)

Well, that is very true. 
(I shall always love the movie Up.)
It (er, meaning adventure) manifests itself in many forms, including writing, daily activities, work, friends, trips, and school. 
My problem is, those are leaving little room for Blogging or very much writing. 
I'm not stopping all together, oh no. That would be a disaster. 
(My charries would kill me if I tried to stop; just the other day they pounced on me for seriously wondering/thinking about not working on my book at all. You know, just dropping it. Nope, that's not happening.) 

Why am I mentioning this? 
Because there is a very, as in very, large possibility that I will disappear for a few months. 

Oh, I might still schedule the Writing Wednesday Pinspirations, partly as they are so fun to put together, partly as something so that my blog won't go completely dead. 

But there is real life that's calling me to adventure (well, really adventureS), and I want to answer the call. 
Especially as I'm currently at college, and right now I'm losing precious study hours writing this up. 
I think that this is important though, as I was starting to beat myself up about not posting more. 
Maybe next time I start up again I'll actually start posting on helpful writing stuff, not just updates on how my own writing is going. 

Well, see you later in cyberspace! 


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  1. come back soon!!! going to miss your posts!! (i <3 the Up movie 2!)